Would you go to Latin America?

Would you go to Latin America?
Would you have left for Latin America if your new lover had come from there? Would you be scared that these are hot and poor countries? What would you do?
I could not have a lover in Latin America.
To my mother, when she was young, a fiance from Colombia, the owner of a shoe factory, was wooing. But at that time to have relations with foreigners was not encouraged by our state. And so, if the groom is provided, then do not care that the country is poor. And the climate there is not so hot, and the body adapts with time. But the fruit is always in bulk.
I, I remember, was in love with a Chilean and was making plans to move to him)))) But it was only in theory and romantic dreams.
In fact, my husband, although also from South America, but he lives for a long time not there, and only go to visit guests. I like it there, but I would probably not move forever.
In Latin America would leave, to the local groom – no.
We have friends in Brazil in Sao Paulo, nice people, live very bourgeois, very decent neighborhood and people around, children go to an international school, the weather is good. But he is a cardiologist and he has a large private practice. So you can live.
We have friends in Brazil in Sao Paulo, nice people, live very bourgeois, very decent neighborhood and people around, children go to an international school, the weather is good. But he is a cardiologist and he has a large private practice. So you can live.
I also know one cardiologist from Sao Paulo 🙂 True, he lives in New York now. Very cute.
Well kakbe many LA countries are not poorer than Russia. They have handsome guys. If you know Spanish, why not try it.
Was in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil.
The same people and problems as everywhere else. And she met our people – they live and do not suffer.
Work everywhere you need.
Local people are calm and happy – they drink their tea – mate and are calm.
You can live everywhere, only you have to love something else.
Countries are beautiful, like the whole of our planet.
As a lady, long and firmly and happily married to a Hispanic, I would like to draw your attention to the following points:
a) there is a big difference between countries and cities. It is difficult for you to advise something without knowing your direction. A large city in any Latin American country is very. differs from the village in the same country. Well, I’m already silent about the difference between Buenos Aires and a village in the mountains of Guatemala.
b) Hispanic, living (or living) in more developed countries and “ennobled” civilization – is not the same as his brother, who never left, say, outside Honduras. Machism there is very developed. A simple example: when we arrived with a one-year-old daughter on leave, it was a pleasant shock for the mother-in-law that her son ran to change her dirty diaper. She has never seen such a thing in her life – in their “culture” this is not accepted.
c) if you eat directly on your husband’s homeland, be prepared for the fact that your family is not only you and your children, but also MAMO (sometimes revered to insanity and contrary to logic), sister brothers, neighbors, cousins and other.
Having said all this, I will also add that I know many examples of very successful mixed marriages with Hispanics. Their temperament is life’s attitudes – values are very close to ours. For 10 years I have never felt the notorious “difference of mentality”.
But the secrets of my successful marriage are:
1. We both lived in Canada for a long time at the time of the meeting. Accordingly, they have already learned their values.
2. My mother-in-law lives very far)))
My friend was married to a Peruvian, lived in Lima. She learned the language very quickly, worked, and was generally happy with life. He is from a decent family, an economist journalist, very cute, not of the Indian type, he is similar to the Spaniard, and blue-eyed. Then they decided to earn their own apartment, they won a green card to America (ie, they seriously believed that it would not work for long, they would return to Lima). But in America after a while they divorced, and both stayed there. The girlfriend lives in Miami, life is happy.
If you love and mutually, do not ask for advice – go to him;)
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