Year after the move: about the difference in life in Cyprus and in Atlanta.

Year after the move: about the difference in life in Cyprus and in Atlanta.
– I like the work here. Compared with the Cyprus closed “snake collective” work here is so effective that I feel like I have wings growing. You have to write about the work separately, here you can not explain in a few words.
But I miss the peculiarities of work in Cyprus – we were sent there on business trips. Here – no, the work features of the custom, of course.
Therefore, I have moments of savage nastolgia for good old travel and a desire to sell Aksenchuram, but I have some interesting work tasks here that need to be solved on the spot.
at least it was allowed, and, I hope, will allow us to continue to travel a lot. =) In Cyprus, the level was slightly different.
– Here everything is far and huge distances between cities, moreover there are no trains on the main directions of interest, there are highways and airplanes. Che and I tried to travel the United States and by car, and with the help of flights: flights are more fun, but more expensive =)
In Cyprus, I have not gathered, now I’m sorry that I did not intend to drive there.
About cultural life in Atlanta.
– Atlanta is still a big city: here there are always exhibitions and concerts, some events, there is always room to go! I remember very well how I missed Cyprus in terms of “nowhere to go” after moving from Moscow. In Atlanta this problem has disappeared.
“However, all these joys come with one more price: in Cyprus it was so safe that the girls could walk day and night anywhere, absolutely without any negative consequences. Here, with a decrease in daylight hours and with the onset of dark morning hours, I had to stop jogging on the street – for safety reasons: I was told how someone attacked the morning runner (fortunately, nothing terrible happened especially), not quite in our area, but still. On the news, which I look at the treadmill in the morning, daily reports of daily crimes in Atlanta: robberies, etc. In Cyprus, I lived in a vacuum in this regard.
– About absence of excessive attention to me as to the blonde, I already spoke – pleases. In Cyprus, unwanted attention has learned to treat as bad weather, but lack of it is still nice.
And it seems to me that we have close friends with Che – an Indian American couple, and I already love them very much =)
In terms of Indian stores, too, came a kind of relief: here you can find any Indian goods. Therefore – I will continue to experiment with Indian cuisine!
– By the way, about the weather: for a long time I had to get used to the humidity of Atlanta on the battle with the desert dry air of Cyprus, to the absence of fine dust, which in Cyprus covers everything in the house for a couple of days, if not clean. To the fact that if you open a balcony, furniture, carpet in the house – absorb this moisture like a sponge.
To the fact that it rains – a normal phenomenon. To the woods instead of the sea.
Quite a different world turned out for me in terms of the environment.
had to come to terms with the kitchen, connected with the hall: there are separate kitchens to look for, and not the fact that when you find a room with a separate kitchen, the room itself is suitable.
In Cyprus in the hot season, the laundry could be hung out to dry on the balcony for a couple of hours – and remove almost overdried. Here – throw in the dryer and set the desired mode.
I’ve already forgotten what it means – giving water every 2-3 days by the hour, getting water in all the tanks, a cold shower and the inability to take a normal bath. I have already reached the point that I can leave the tap in the kitchen open for a couple of seconds while I’m distracted, for example, on the stove: in Cyprus, however, I had a clear reaction to the saving of water.
One more thing I forgot to mention:
every move is like dropping an old skin, some husks fly off, you start to see the world brighter, you wake up somehow.
Che said that at the end of this year in the US he now has the impression that we are only at the very beginning of an interesting way here in this country.

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