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How to move to America. My history. Emigration to the United States.
Youtube video.
Hello! I’m Nastya πŸ™‚ I live in the wonderful city of Los Angeles, and was born in Siberia. In this video, I will tell my story of moving to the United States, briefly tell you about the ways here to stay, and I hope for your comments, which I am happy to answer!
Work and Travel – work for students
Emigration to the United States: what can not be done categorically!
Thirty mistakes emigrant to America: do not pierce the elementary things and you will have more happiness;)) Support the project! For being interested in our family life, living in Los Angeles (America-USA), and for simply being interested in life !.) THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Support the project! For being interested in our family life, living in Los Angeles (America-USA), and for simply being interested in life !.) THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Project support: PayPal: [email protected] Address for parcels and letters: PO BOX: 333, North Hollywood, CA 91603.
HOW TO MOVE TO THE USA | Consultation of the American immigration attorney LilyBoiko.
I share the information that we got at the advice of an immigration lawyer in Seattle, worth $ 250. How to immigrate to the US, what are the types of immigration and nonimmigrant visas that can be issued for moving to the States, how to get a green card or residence permit in America and subsequently American citizenship. How to get a tourist visa in the USA – SEE ALSO OTHER MY VIDEO: Life in the USA – Vlogs – https: // About the videologging – Restoring the abdomen after delivery – = PLqxlmlthIohISplCYQema2mAZ9qY9yXGW Male to Female Relationships – About Me – My wardrobe is https: / / Life after birth – Pregnancy – Tags – Challenges – Cosmetics – Recipes – / playlist? list = PLqxlmlthIohIu9PvKpVu24oboGpVjY84O Travels – Miscellaneous – Female Business – https : // list = PLqxlmlthIohJsrqv8PN2zwtbsVsohSpht MY BLOG – MY PAGES IN SOC. NETWORKS: – YouTube – – Vkontakte – – Instagram – – Facebook – / boikolily.
GROUP B: In this video, I talk about the most common mistakes when I arrive in the US. And I also share my impressions and mistakes that we made when we came to America. PUBLICATION 2015 – MOVE!
Immigration to the United States. How to go to America by accident, my story.
The question is how to leave to live in America, excites many, but I did not care at all, because I never thought how to leave for the US. The tempting phrase for permanent residence of the United States meant nothing to me, but fate sometimes enters far away completely unexpectedly. So, immigration to the United States in my performance, a story for those who are interested. Enjoy watching! And here is my instagram:
HOW MUCH DOES IT NEED TO MOVE TO USA? (California, our history)
For all who think about America and the Silicon Valley! In this video, I will tell you how much money we spent on moving the threesome. How to rent an apartment in the US – Apartment overview in San Francisco – How much are products in the US – How to move to America with your business – How to go to the USA to learn English – Article about our expenses -http: // dolina / Total, to move a start-up from three people to the Valley (taking into account the first three months of life in anticipation of a tranche from the accelerator) you need to have about 15 000 – 20 000 dollars and above, depends on the level of comfort to which you are accustomed. Study abroad (my business) – Training Forum abroad, I answer there – VK – On my channel I talk a lot about studying abroad and living in the USA. Subscribe, it will be interesting! How to learn English How to enter the US and get the full funding: How to pass the TOEFL by 117 points How to pass the GMAT to 700 points –
– My video: β€œDAY FROM LIFE IN AMERICA” –
Number 24 How much money do I need to move to the US. Immigration to America.
Work and housing in New York – Search for Jobs and Housing in New York (Vkontakte) – β€”β€”β€”- β€”β€”β€” In this video, I talk about how much money you will need to move to the US.
οΏ½33 Work in New York without documents and without knowledge of English. Agencies for labor!
Work and housing in New York – Search for Jobs and Housing in New York (Russian advertising) – Instagram – – Facebook – Periscope – Guys, in this video I clearly show how the job search in New York is happening, if you do not have documents and normal English. I hope I was able to convey to the viewer the whole essence of this process and answer two very popular questions: 1) Is it difficult to find a job in New York? 2) Can I find a job without knowing English? If you want to clarify something about what I said, write in the comments. PS: Write your stories about how you were looking for a job, and whether you had a negative experience working with agency agencies on labor. Or write about the agency you can trust.
How to start a business in the USA. Beauty saloon. Los Angeles.
Hello! Thank you for staying with me πŸ™‚ I’m back in the ranks!) In this video, I’ll talk about how my life develops after graduating from the school of cosmetology. Experience in the American Salon. Ahead is a new stage – your small beauty salon. I share my experience of starting my business in America. I’m waiting for your questions in the comments! At the request of subscribers, a list of documents: 1. open an account with the Board of Equalization to get the Seller’s Permit 2. get a DBA (Doing Business As) – a Fictitious Business Name 3. Establish a License from the State Board 4. Business License from your City. Plus, you need business insurance, connect internet, electricity, water, check air conditioners, meet with CPA to negotiate taxes, order a signboard, make a website, accounts in social networks, and so on if possible) Thank you for your subscription and Laik πŸ™‚ β€”- – Your Nastya Let’s be friends! instagram: koshaspa vkontakte: periscope: anastasiatalan.
MY HISTORY: how did I go to America?
TRAINING BORDER: What is this video about: MY STORY: how did I go to America? FIND ME HERE Instagram: alex_ride Periscope: alex_ride MY SECOND CHANNEL. ALSO PLEACE CHECK OUT MY PREVIOUS VIDEO!
Moving to the USA | Difficulties. Subscribe to my channel Snapchat – AnyaSiberia Twitter – @AnyaSiberia Periscope – AnyaSiberia.
How to move to the US?
Many ask: 1. How to move to the US? 2. How to get a job in the US? 3. How to equip your life in the US? 4. How to get a visa in the US? 5. How to stay in America? Actually, moving to the US is not so difficult as it seems! Trump is the new president of America, and you will be able to take his place in a few years. Than you are worse than Trump? ————————————————– – Subscribe: ———————————————– β€”- Anton Belyakov Instagram – VK – β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”- β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Feedback on the training – ————————————————– – Our VK group: ———————————– —————– Want to travel, then visit our website: ————– ————————————– Proposals for cooperation – [email protected]
Americans about Russian Girls. Male American – is it really that simple?
Hello! Friends, I apologize for the sound quality. I really wanted to answer a popular question, but the noise was superfluous. I’ll record a similar video in good quality, but for now I’ll leave it here, maybe it will be useful for you. Once again, I’m sorry for the noise πŸ™ I live in the wonderful city of Los Angeles, and was born in Siberia.In this video, I’ll talk about how Russian girls are perceived by Americans, why we are strange to them, and whether or not to find a common language with an American husband. I hope for your comments, to which I am happy to answer! Thanks for the fingers up and subscription)

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